F-7000- Weldon 8 Lamp Flasher


F-7500 Weldon 8 Lamp Flasher Module



F-165-0018- Aeroflash 8 light Flasher

F-7102 Universal 4 Blade relay with mounting bracket. Multiple applications.
InPOWER Ultra-Compact 4 lamp and 8 lamp Flasher

F-51-0026B- Replacement relay for F-165-0018 flasher units. 5 Blades without mounting bracket.



SO-3011 Replacement Relay used mainly on Stop Arms & Crossing Gates. Replaces SO-3010. 5 Blades with mounting bracket.

F-6000 - InPOWER 4-8 Eight Lamp Flasher

F-4453- Electro-mechanical flasher, 2 terminals
F-4454- Same as F-4453 but 3 terminals