WR-486- Tool for installing locking strip into weather stripping


WR-487- Crown Side window seal

WR-450- Left Window Latch fits Bluebird and Ward
WR 451- Right Window Latch fits Bluebird and Ward

WR-800 - Left or Right Amtran Emergency Window Handle



WR-463 - Thomas Window Latch Kit w/ block, pin, spring and instructions for installation





WR-812- Thomas latch bolt handle
WR-824- Wayne & Carpenter latch bolt handle





WR-821- Wayne latch bolt left

WR-822- Wayne latch bolt right

WR-835 IC Emergency Push Out Window Latch Assembly. Replaces IC #2205542C2

WR-810- Bluebird latch bolt handle

WR-811- Bluebird latch bolt spring

WR-813- Bluebird latch bolt- left

WR-814- Bluebird latch bolt- right

WR-825 IC Window Latch Kit

Replaces IC #2610206C91

WR-826L - Amtran & Thomas latch bolt - Left Side
WR-826R - Amtran & Thomas latch bolt - Right Side

WR-827 - Amtran latch bolt spring